Announcement - Sunday Prompt #47: Great Escape

Hello everyone!

Did you all enjoy the season premiere? I got to watch about half before cbs.com decided it didn't like me anymore, so I don't get to enjoy the rest until tomorrow. Despite that, I feel that this weeks prompt is still highly fitting from what I saw. We are going with Great Escape!

For some reason, hearing this prompt has me thinking of Steve watching the movie of the same name, post his escape of course, and Danny yelling at him to not get any ideas. Its kind of an endless opportunity prompt, I think.

Also, Lillyg and I have decided to add to the comm via comment drabbles. This meaning that you, our lovely writers and readers, can post a prompt that you would like to see used and anyone can chip in and write a drabble in the comment of said prompt! Lovely idea yes? Same rules apply to this as they do to the comm itself and remember that drabbles must be 100-500 words in length, no more.

Hope to see some great drabbles guys and welcome to season 2!

Your mod,

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Announcement: Sunday Prompt #46

Aloha everyone!

After a well needed break, hawaii_5_0_100 is back for a new year with you, providing prompts for some fun.

Today though, it's not a day for fun, but more a day for remembrance. 10 years ago, as everyone knows, some nutjobs decided to crash planes into buildings, changing the face of the world. That day, many people died, and a lot of them died while trying to rescue them. Ten years later, people are still dying from the after effects of the tower collapsing while they were rescuing: lung diseases, cancers, PTSD, and so on. We thought that the perfect prompt for the week would be HEROES. And they are not only policemen, firemen or medics. We can also have a thought for the people from the flight 93 who decided to precipitate their fate but overpowering the terrorists and crashing their planes before they could do any more damages and hurt people. That was one of the bravest act I've seen so far. We also have to remember soldiers fighting for our freedom, people risking their life on daily basis to help and rescue populations, journalists who put their lives at risk in order to provide us information which allow us to think by ourselves and not fall into propaganda, and so many people doing that in the world on daily basis to make a better world.

So, what do you think about the prompt? Are you going to write us some great stuff? What do you think Steve, Danny, Rachel, Chin, Kono and everyone else were doing this fatidic day? How did it affect their lives? Did their lose any loved ones?

Have a nice week,



We're Safe - Grace - PG

Title: We're Safe
Character: Grace
Word Count: 298
Rating: PG
Genre: gen
Summary: It was her favorite picture and it went wherever she went
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, CBS does
Author's notes: Title comes from the Mute Math song: Picture.
Prompt is from the hawaii-5-0-100 community, #43: Picture.
Also inspired by this picture It can be read alone, but it also fits into my All that I am AU. It's not beta'd so any mistakes are mine.

We're Safe

danno and dog

Play It Again, Danno

Title: Play It Again, Danno
Characters: Danny, Steve, Kono
Word Count: 400
Prompt#45: Movies
Rating: G
Genre: gen
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Summary: Danny and Steve have been drinking and send Kono texts. Lots and lots of texts.
Disclaimer: The characters are owned by CBS

Play It Again, Danno